The nomx Small and Medium Business Server is a secure private email server that keeps your emails off the ISPs and other 3rd party providers which are routinely hacked.  Your nomx server is guaranteed to work with existing legacy email providers, such as Gmail, AOL and all other ISPs worldwide.  You will keep your same email addresses, domains and you won’t have to change your business cards!  In fact, users will never know that you are using nomx.

However, nomx keeps your data off third party servers when you use the nomx-nomx protocol.  By keeping your data secure on your hardware, you know exactly where your messages and critical data reside. 

Current ISPs store your data on multiple servers for redundancy, backup and sometimes even marketing purposes.  As such, each copy is vulnerable to hackers and sometimes careless and/or disgruntled employees.  Who has access to your date? Do you know? Do you care? If your data is important then nomx is for your business.

When you purchase a nomx server, it stays in your possession in your office facilities or a secure hosting site.  Even nomx can’t access your server, unless you allow us to remotely support it.  And we will never be able to read or copy your emails.

To get started, nomx will help you plan the perfect configuration and migrate your user accounts to a nomx server.

If you don’t have your own server room, we will work with a local secure hosting facility to support your server.  Most colocation facilities will allow you to keep your server in a private cage for $50 - $100 per month.

And once you are using your own domain on your own nomx server, we will provide the support to your employees, contractors and business partners whom you share your nomx server.  You’ll never be left out in the cold when you need help!

Contact us now to arrange a discussion to keep your emails and confidential data absolutely secured against 3rd party data exposure.