Everything else is insecure




The patented nomx protocol provides secure, encrypted e-mail, messaging, audio and video communication services through a platform-agnostic protocol.


Our first physical device provides these capabilities for your e-mail, with text, audio and video to follow.  The nomx device allows users to transmit and receive secure communications using traditional email or messaging clients.  If your phone, laptop, tablet or PC has an internet connection, you can use nomx.

Here is short video of how nomx works.




Our production facility is in Silicon Valley and nomx is based in Arlington, VA.


The nomx device allows you to host your own secure email server on your own network, ensuring complete communication privacy. Simply assign your e-mail address, or your entire domain name, to your nomx device and you’ll be up and running in minutes with full e-mail capabilities compatible with anyone else in the world. 

And when you e-mail someone using a nomx device, or allow them to utilize yours, the required services, including DNS routing and encryption, are entirely inside the device.  That means you won't have your messages and personal information stored on 3rd party servers.