Everything else is insecure

To add a new mailbox:

  1. Click the Add Mailbox link under the Mailboxes table. The Create a new mailbox dialog is displayed.
  2. Type the new username in the Username field.
  3. Select a domain name from the dropdown menu in the @ field. The new mailbox you are defining will be added to this domain.
  4. Type a password in the Password field, then retype it in the Password (again) field.
  5. Type the name of the user this mailbox belongs to in the Name field.
  6. If you want this mailbox to be active immediately, check the Active checkbox.
  7. If you want to send a “welcome” email to the new user you’re creating, check the Send Welcome email checkbox.
  8. Click Add Mailbox. The mailbox is created and displayed in the Mailboxes table.