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nomx to Launch Sales & Host Live Demos at Booth During Internet of Things World 2016

Washington, D.C. – May 2, 2016 – nomx ®, the only secure email communications device compatible with legacy email systems, is pleased to announce that it will begin accepting sales for the acclaimed nomx protocol device during Internet of Things World 2016. The conference will take place in Santa Clara, CA from May 10-12 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Internet of Things World 2016 is the industry's largest and most comprehensive IoT event, with over 10,000 attendees, 300+ industry thought leaders and 150+ exhibitors.

“As the Internet of Things continues to evolve and expand, an increasing amount of hardware, including email servers, will become more prone to cybersecurity attacks,” states cybersecurity veteran and CEO of nomx, Will Donaldson. “The recent high-profile email hacks on government officials and large organizations underscore the absolute need for the nomx protocol device to provide privacy and security. With nomx, we provide consumers and companies with the power to bypass aging technologies and keep their information secure.” Donaldson began his career in security and networking as the first webmaster for the United States Marine Corps at the Pentagon and founded nomx in 2015.

nomx debuted its first generation hardware in April 2016 during the International Security Conference West trade show, to many accolades from top security officials throughout the United States. Interested parties can visit nomx.com to learn how they can order the product starting May 1. The nomx protocol device will also be available for demo and ordering at Booth #1710.

For private demonstration requests during the IoT World Expo, please contact Krysten Copeland, Communications Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Did you know that every single major email provider has been hacked? 

A typical email message is copied and replicated across more than a dozen servers. And if you've ever sent or received email through a major provider, you’ve had your network and/or communications compromised by attacks on those servers. These attacks are not isolated. They take advantage of systemic issues with internet messaging protocols, and they will continue to put your privacy and security at risk until you do something to keep your personal information off of insecure servers. nomx gives you that power.


Los Angeles County email hack exposes personal data of 750,000 people
Reported Dec. 2016

 dm com 29

'Beckileaks' email hack amid fears more shocking revelations may emerge about David Beckham's thoughts on other celebrities
Reported Feb. 2017

MailChimp accounts hacked to spam out malicious emails
Reported Nov. 2016

Yahoo logo

Yahoo discloses breach of 1B user accounts
Reported Dec. 2016

 Yahoo Logo

500 Million
Stolen in 2012
Reported Sept. 2016

 wh logo seal

The White House
Key Staff Gmail HACKED
FLOTUS Passport Posted Online
Sept. 2016


Hackers Arrested
CIA Director,  FBI Officials
Email Accounts HACKED

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98 Million Users HACKED
Sept. 2016
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Darien CT

Police Probe
Man Loses $8K
Email HACK
Aug. 2016
New York Times

FBI Probe
Reporters Email HACK
Aug. 2016




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